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P.U. Leather Boxes

Unfailing elegance punctuates our stellar line of products with these genuine PU leather boxes, which are made from split leather covered with a layer of polyurethane. These boxes are lush and soft containers that create a perfect exterior for storing any kind of jewelry. Diamonds and silver present themselves with particular beauty, reflecting their sparkling sheen over the gleam of a bicast leather interior.

Box Choices

Each of these boxes comes with inserts that protect the jewelry inside from damage, while stunningly accenting the jewelry. Our ring boxes come with a two-piece packer, while our necklace boxes come with straps, and our pendant and earring boxes are fitted with an inclined tab.

We stock many different sizes of our PU leather boxes, from compact ring boxes to lengthy bracelet boxes. We even stock double ring boxes to display delicate engagement ring and band wedding sets. No standard is spared in the making of our excellent display and packaging products.

High-Standard Bicast Leather

Each piece of leatherette is embossed, giving the material a genuine leather look and feel. Find your favorite PU leather jewelry box from Jewelry Packaging Box and explore what our online store has to offer.

For more information on our bicast leather boxes, give us a call at (323) 225-0342.