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Custom Printing

For jewelry professionals, it is imperative that your brand be apparent and visible on every single one of your products. From your stationery to your packaging, your logo and brand need to represent your business.

In the increasingly crowded jewelry sales market, your branding should stand out from all others. To help you execute your branding and implement your vision, Jewelry Packaging Box can help with our custom printed jewelry boxes.

Printing Details

When you choose to use Jewelry Packaging Box as your source for your custom jewelry gift boxes, you’ll upload your logo design and we’ll create a personalized hot stamp for you that prints on any of your jewelry packaging. Make sure your logo fits in a 1.1” x 2.5” space before you choose from gold, silver, or black foil colors.

The Process

Our custom printed jewelry boxes are secure, high-quality items that can be quickly and easily printed with your business’s name and logo. We use hot stamping technology and DIE assembly to generate unique custom printed packaging just for you.

With a wholesale pricing model for our custom jewelry box printing, it’s simple and affordable to create the perfect personalized jewelry packaging. If you have any questions, call our friendly customer service team at (323) 225-0342 for assistance.