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All jewelry sellers understand that beautiful jewelry deserves the perfect packaging to highlight its extraordinary features. With that endeavor in mind, Jewelry Packaging Box supplies a comprehensive inventory of jewelry gift boxes. From pearl folders and paper boxes to wooden and leatherette cases, we provide affordability and quality for any piece you’re displaying, no matter your style of presentation.

Peerless Packaging

At Jewelry Packaging Box, we are dedicated to supplementing your jewelry with a special experience for your customers. Since jewelry gift boxes are an important part of display and protection, provide your customers with a distinct option, such as our patterned hat boxes for rings or our LED-lighted containers.

All the Supplies You Need

With more than a million unique boxes and packaging articles, Jewelry Packaging Box offers wholesale pricing, free shipping on any orders over $65, and no-hassle returns. We are always dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.

If you need any help finding the right size, color, or fit for your jewelry supply needs, contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team today!