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Body Jewelry Displays

If you’re looking for a way to display body jewelry, Jewelry Packaging Box can help. We carry durable, attractive, and appropriately sized body jewelry displays to help you showcase your products in a fun and clever way. Take home one of our jewelry displays today and organize your jewelry with new designs in mind.

Toe Ring Displays

When you’re looking for a fun way to display your toe rings, our foot-shaped toe ring displays bring a playful vibe to your products. With whimsical shapes and bright pastel color choices, you can catch any customer’s eye.

These foam displays come right or left footed and can display 21 toe rings each. Our color options include black, orange, pink, purple, white, and yellow.

Belly Ring Displays

For clean, concise displays, choose the belly ring display pad or one of our wholesale jewelry display cards. With our full body jewelry display pad, you can showcase over 50 pieces from your inventory. With our jewelry display card, each individual item is displayed to its best advantage.

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At Jewelry Packaging Box, we carry more than just the typical jewelry display, storage, and shipping accessories. We also have unique tools and appliances to suit every jeweler and jewelry store. Choose one of our specialty displays today and spruce up your store!