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Ring Foam Pads

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Foam pads for rings are a cost-effective way to display dozens of rings without an elaborate display. These pads are light, versatile, and simple enough to fully showcase the beauty of your ring selection. You can display these pads independently or insert them into elegant boxes to showcase jewelry with a stylistic flair.

Place all of your rings on one of our pads to create a convenient browsing experience for your customers.

Ring Pad Sizes and Styles

We carry multiple styles of foam pads for rings, including small closeout ring trays and white or black foam ring displays in horizontal or vertical ring display modes.

Our closeout trays can also hold up to 36 rings. These trays have a sturdy exterior with a velvet-style padded interior for a soft lining that minimizes scratches and smudges on your jewelry. They also come with a plastic cover to protect jewelry during display or storage.

The horizontal pads have slits that display rings along the length of the pad, while the vertical ring pad slots display rings along the height of the pad. Each pad comes in black or white and can hold either 72 or 144 rings. These pads easily fit into display or storage boxes for your convenience.

Find the perfect ring pad for your display from Jewelry Packaging Box!