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Deluxe Neck Forms

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Neck Form Displays

Neck form displays are perfect for showcasing many forms of neck jewelry. No matter the length of your strands, they can all be displayed with effortless finesse on any of our luxurious displays. Whether you’re displaying rustic, wire wrapped jewelry or sophisticated diamond and gold pieces, you can find a display that will make any piece shine when you explore our wide array of display styles, heights, and materials.

The Long and the Short

This Jewelry Packaging Box collection is comprised of varying styles and sizes of busts that can be used with different length necklaces, including collar, choker, princess, matinee, opera, rope, and lariat styles. Our deluxe neck form displays also come lowered or raised on pedestals, offering even more variety.

Our smallest stand is appropriate for necklaces under 4”, while our largest stand can fit any necklace under 18”. We have several styles available in each height, including black velvet necklace displays, as well as white or black leatherette necklace displays.

Traditional and Unique

In addition to our traditional neck and bust displays, we also have more unique forms that can display your necklaces. Choose from simple ovals standing upright on a pedestal or reclining back on an easel for an abstract display style that draws all attention towards your jewelry.

Shop with Jewelry Packaging Box for our premium line of deluxe neck form displays and discover the one that fits your jewelry.