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Paper and Plastic Bags

Paper & Plastic Jewelry Bags

It’s important for any business to provide their customers with high-quality bags to take home once a purchase has been made. Although many customers will not request one, ensure that their purchase is safe and easy to carry with our selection of beautiful paper and plastic jewelry bags.

Jewelry Packaging Box is committed to giving you exactly what your business needs. Discover our selection of plastic and paper jewelry bags today.

Paper and Plastic Jewelry Bags

Our selection of wholesale plastic shopping bags range from simple flower print patterns to bubbly, eye-catching displays of color. We also carry sleek, utilitarian black plastic bags in three different sizes. Whether you’re looking for paper bags that hold a single piece or large plastic handled bags that can carry a large number of purchases, Jewelry Packaging Box has the selection you need.

Wholesale Suppliers

Jewelry Packaging Box is a paper bag supplier for both large and small retailers. Whether you’re the everyday retailer that needs to stock up on packaging supplies or an independent artist who needs a small supply for a boutique pop-up, shop at our online store today for high-quality, wholesale bags.

For more information on our paper jewelry bags or any of our other products, contact Jewelry Packaging Box at (323) 225-0342.