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Novelty Boxes

Whether you’re want to create a themed display, enhance your seasonal decor, or elevate your branding with unique packaging, Jewelry Packaging Box has plenty of beautiful novelty boxes that go beyond your typical packaging needs. Our specialty boxes are sized for rings, earrings, and small pendants.

Dress Up Your Jewelry

With several different packaging options available, Jewelry Packaging Box has a fun selection of brightly-colored novelty boxes to choose from. These specialty boxes include:

  • Red Heart-Shaped Earring Boxes
  • Red Heart-Shaped Ring Boxes
  • Hat Boxes for Rings
  • Colorful Paper Ring Boxes
  • Red Rose Ring Boxes

While the red heart and rose boxes are perfect for Valentine’s Day displays or engagement ring showcases, the hat boxes and bright paper novelty ring boxes are ideal for promotions and colorful window dressing. In fact, you can create a unique exhibit with our hat boxes in assorted shapes. Choose from red, orange, blue, or purple swirled boxes shaped like hearts, circles, octagons, and squares.

What a Display Can Do for You

When it’s time to grab the attention of potential customers or make lasting impressions on loyal clients, unique displays are the hallmark of good showmanship. While bright colors and exciting shapes aren’t always necessary, in the midst of subtle, understated jewelry store windows, the explosion of energy inherent in our specialty packaging stands out.

Wondering if our themed jewelry boxes are right for you? Reach out to us today at (323) 225-0342 for more information.