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Riser Jewelry Display

A riser jewelry display is an exceptionally diverse tool for a seller. You can shape it and change it in any way to effectively showcase your jewelry in a beautiful way. At Jewelry Packaging Box, we have several different sizes, shapes, and riser materials to ensure that your display is cohesive and features exceptional style.

Display Types

The jewelry risers we carry are available in several different colors and shapes. Choose from black, white, or clear displays in square, hexagonal, circular, or rectangular shapes. We have acrylic displays, 6-piece arrangements, and flocked velvet platforms to help you arrange your jewelry any way you want.

Once your jewelry is arranged on a riser, you can shuffle and shift them as needed, creating new configurations to attract attention and interest your customer.

Display Accessories

In addition to our assortment of risers, we also carry a variety of accessories, including ball bearing and electric turntables, platform displays, and even solar-powered risers.

Our platforms are best used to create different levels among your jewelry, so you can draw attention where you want it. With one to two inch platforms available, you can make interesting levels to ensure a dynamic display.

If you’re looking for jewelry riser displays, shop with Jewelry Packaging Box today to find unique and high-quality display accessories.