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Ring Displays

Ring Displays

The most vibrant and talked-about aspect of a jewelry collection is the single ring display. Jewelry Packaging Box carries a number of quality ring holders and ring display cones that shows the customer exactly which pieces are the most stunning in your ring collection. These standalone pieces help you create a storefront window or jewelry display case that catches the eye of customers and enhances your store.

Cones and Displays

Whether you need a ring display cone or a tray that holds up to 18 ring cones simultaneously, you’ll find it at Jewelry Packaging Box. Since these cones provide an approximation of what a ring will look like on the customer’s finger, they ensure customers discover the best way to wear a ring before they even put it on. We provide single and double ring cones, as well as multi-ring display pads that hold 5, 10, 15, or 18 distinct cones.

If cone displays aren’t for you, Jewelry Packaging Box has more traditional single and multi-ring display trays. Choose from a stepped, adjustable ring display that holds up to 6 rings or a simple horizontal tray that holds up to 18 items.

Display Colors

Our single ring displays come in different colors, including translucent green, translucent blue, translucent red, sleek black, and elegant white. They also come in different materials, including leatherette, velvet and acrylic.

Whether you have a sleek and subtle, diamond-only display that looks best on black velvet, or a store with artistic flair and tons of color, our displays meld with your current jewelry selection and enhance every aspect of your store.

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