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Clear View Cotton Filled Boxes

Our Clear View Cotton Filled Boxes are very similar to our white jewelry boxes with cotton filling, although they feature a clear lid instead of an opaque lid. These boxes are perfect for securing and showcasing your jewelry items. Our clear lid jewelry boxes allow you and your customers to see what’s inside of a box without opening it, ensuring a gorgeous display of your products.

Selection of Sizes

Our clear lid jewelry boxes are as versatile as our other collections and are available in many sizes to meet your demands. These sizes can be purchased in packs of 100 or in smaller packs of 12.

Cotton Padding

Cotton padding is inserted into many of our boxes to improve the jewelry transportation experience and protect your products from scratches and dents during display. Our cotton is synthetic and specially made to protect all of your jewelry, regardless the type of metal or gemstone.

For more information on our Clear View Cotton Filled Boxes, give us a call at (323) 225-0342. Shop with Jewelry Packaging Box today!