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Velvet Jewelry Roll Up Cases

With these flexible and versatile velvet jewelry roll-up cases, Jewelry Packaging Box offers the ultimate in compact jewelry display and storage. Mobile salesmen, art show vendors, or businesses looking to save space on storage can capitalize on these convenient velvet roll-ups, which making packing, storage, transit, and display quick and easy.

Roll-Up Features

While our roll-up displays come with the typical inserts and leather mats, we also have specialty features that make our velvet jewelry roll-up cases truly unique. In addition to the inserts, our roll-ups also have a number of hooks, straps, or fastening devices, as well as a combination of multiple fastening methods.

With the added security of these fastening devices, your jewelry will stay intact during transport and remain secure during display.

Bangle Roll-Ups

Many vendors choose to use traditional roll-up displays for chains, bracelets, watches, and earrings, but at Jewelry Packaging Box, we also carry specialty roll-up tube displays, specifically for the protection and display of bangles and watches.

In this display, you’ll receive one tube that holds a number of bangles and a separate durable zippered cover for safe transport and easy packing.

For more information on our velvet jewelry roll up case, please call Jewelry Packaging Box at (323) 225-0342 or contact us today.