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Treasure Chest Boxes

A distinct box shape and bright metal corners give our ring boxes a treasure chest motif. This design makes customers browsing your display feel as if they are discovering valuable hidden treasures. Jewelry Packaging Box is delighted to present this unique collection of treasure chest jewelry boxes and shipping containers.

We understand that sturdiness and packaging design are important to our customers. This collection offers boxes that are practical and reliable, while ensuring that there is still a fanciful, thematic feel. Excellent for gifts, as well as for displaying jewelry, these boxes are available in different sizes and colors.

Size Varieties

This series of treasure chest jewelry boxes can store a variety of products, including:

  • Earrings
  • Pendants
  • Rings

These boxes come in red or black flocked velvet and are available in several sizes.

Display and Design

Each box is fitted with padding, packer, or fold-out, designed to hold your valuable jewelry in place. The boxes also close with a secure latch, keeping your jewelry safe inside, even if they’re jostled during shipping.

The classic clamshell design and metal accents ensure that these boxes accentuate their own beauty, as well as the beauty of the jewelry placed within them.

Jewelry Packaging Box invites you to uncover the elegant nature of these boxes for yourself. Shop our collection today!

For more information on our Treasure Chest Boxes, please call us at (323) 225-0342.