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T Bars

At Jewelry Packaging Box, we carry a variety of T-bar jewelry display stands that make a fantastic addition to any jewelry display. Whether you’re showcasing bangles, bracelets, watches, or arm bands, our T-bar display selection has the variety you’re looking for. Explore our selection today and instantly enhance your display.

Single T-Bar Options

Our T-bar jewelry displays come in single stands with oval or round shaped display bars. Oval T-bars are ideal for large bangles and watches for adults, while our round T-bar stands are perfect for delicate chains and children’s bracelets.

The single T-bars are available in a variety of different heights and colors depending on your preference and jewelry collection. While all heights are ideal for any wrist jewelry, our tall T-bar displays are also ideal for necklaces.

Multi T-Bar Options

Jewelry Packaging Box also carries multi T-bar stands, as well as collapsible and removable variations for more flexible display options. Choose from double, triple, and quadruple bar stands in different heights and colors. Our multi T-bar options are tiered, so all of your bracelets can be easily viewed and customers can remove them and try them on without any hassle.

Find a collapsible T-bar jewelry display stand for easy packing or a removable stand for an instantly modifiable display.

Each of our T-bars is available in white leatherette or black velvet. Create a cohesive display with a black or white wrist jewelry display from Jewelry Packaging Box.