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Displays set

Jewelry Packaging Box offers many different ways to display your jewelry, with a wide selection of sets ranging from 6 to 25 pieces. Whether you need a set for a crisp and consistent display or you’re looking for the easiest way to build up a diverse collection of display options, browse through our inventory of jewelry display sets to find the perfect one for you!

Set Options

Our most popular display option is the hexagonal, six-piece riser set, available in black or white. Choose from black velvet or white leatherette pieces to ensure a perfect style for your jewelry. Our risers come in a variety of heights to help you create a dynamic display.

Wood Options

For those who have a massive inventory, we offer an impressive 25-piece wood jewelry display set, that includes neck forms, t-bars, and ring displays. It features appropriate displays for pendants, bangles, and earrings, as well as a backboard and various platforms.

This display is a specialty creation of white leatherette items accentuated by deep rosewood highlights. Check out our sample display style or experiment with different layouts to form your own.

Set Accessories

In addition to our riser sets and wood sets, we also offer accessories with our risers. Display your jewelry at different levels to garner attention to your most popular items. Enhance your set with one of our platform options-each in a different height.