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Silver Cotton Filled Boxes

Sometimes a uniform, shimmering silver is the best color to package and display your jewelry. If you work with white gold, silver, titanium, or platinum, a glittering silver box will perfectly complement your jewelry display.

A Variety of Shapes and Dimensions

Shimmering beauty doesn’t have to be sacrificed for utility with our line of silver cotton filled boxes. Sizes range from petite containers for rings and earrings to large boxes for bracelets and necklaces, each one highly convenient for storing a large selection of styles and sizes. Boxes are available in several different dimensions to meet your exacting needs.

While you can order in bulk exclusively in one size, several of our packages come in assorted sizes to accommodate your need for jewelry storage. Each box is coated with silver foil that glistens in your hands.

Cotton Padding

Jewelry Packaging Box ensures that each silver jewelry gift box comes with cotton lining to make the transportation and display of your jewelry easy and safe. The lining we use is gentle enough to avoid scratches on delicate items and gives the jewelry inside traction and stability.

For more information on our silver jewelry gift boxes with cotton lining, contact us at (323) 225-0342.