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Linen Displays

For an earthen, rustic style of display, a linen jewelry display bust is a fantastic choice that can accentuate countless types of jewelry. Locally crafted jewelry will fit snugly onto the soft tan of our linen jewelry displays, sold wholesale.

You can always expect to find a variety of bulk ordering options for these linen displays at Jewelry Packaging Box.

Wide Range of Displays

These displays are covered base-to-top with durable linen, projecting a cozy alternative to the sleekness of our other products. While these displays are unique, we offer a number of styles, such as:

  • T-Bar Earring Displays
  • T-Bar Bracelet Displays
  • Busts for Necklaces
  • Flat Pad Displays
  • Easel Displays
  • Single and Multiple Cone Ring Displays

Protect Your Pieces

With such a large selection of styles to choose from, all of your jewelry can be displayed in elegance. Our simple, time-worn designs convey their usefulness. Stable bases keep these displays from toppling over, protecting your merchandise, and a gentle fabric ensures that no piece is scratched or damaged.

Jewelry Packaging Box invites you to come experience the quality of these displays for yourself. Reach out to us with questions about any of our wholesale linen jewelry displays at (323) 225-0342.