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Metallic Pouches

Metallic Pouches

Invite a bit of glamour into your customer’s jewelry purchase with these stylish metallic fabric drawstring jewelry pouches. To keep your packaging as elegant as your display, discover the highest quality jewelry bags at Jewelry Packaging Box. Available in several sizes, these silver drawstring pouches ensure you have a packaging option to fit any jewelry piece in your collection.

The Metallic Fiber Process

There are two primary methods for manufacturing metallic fiber pouches: the metallizing process and the laminating process. During the metallizing process, metal is heated into vapor and bound into the bags through an immense amount of pressure. Through the laminating process, layers of thin metal are sealed between the woven layers of the bag to create its lustrous shine.

These pouches are ideal for retailers who want to ensure a piece is protected after it leaves the store. The pouches are soft from the inside out and won’t scratch, smudge, or stain any of your jewelry.

Wholesale Supplies

Our selection of metallic jewelry pouches are available in packs of 50 for all sizes. You can also save on every bag when you order 300 pouches or more. Order in bulk and save on your purchase today!

For more information on our jewelry drawstring pouch, or any of our other products, contact us at (323) 225-0342.