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Gold and Rhodium Plating Solutions

If your jewelry store creates its own jewelry, it’s always a good idea to have an electroplating machine on hand. You can cut down on outsourcing costs and ensure each of your items is plated to your satisfaction.

Some of the most popular plating options that electroplating machines handle include gold and rhodium plating. Jewelry Packaging Box provides plating accessories and supplies, including high-quality gold and rhodium plating solutions.

Gold Plating Solutions

At Jewelry Packaging Box, you’ll find 14K, 18K, & 24K gold solutions. Each of these liquids, when properly applied, will coat any of your pieces with a durable, long-lasting layer of stunning yellow gold. These solutions are meant to enhance the shine and glow of your pieces and ensure customers can’t take their eyes of your products.

Rhodium Plating Solutions

For an even more durable and scratch-resistant surface, our rhodium plating liquids provide the white, reflective coating you’re looking for. If you have a large selection of white gold jewelry, plate them with our rhodium solution, guaranteed to contain at least one gram of rhodium metal.

To ensure your plated items maintain their shine in display or storage, we also carry electro cleaner solution for your convenience. Find everything you need, from gold solution to titanium anodes, at Jewelry Packaging Box today!