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Salesman Cases

For some jewelers, jewelry shows and trade shows are a regular part of their business. If you need to take your jewelry from show to show easily and set up your displays quickly, a jewelry salesman case is an essential tool. From our soft carrying cases that can hold up to 18 standard display trays to our utility boxes that are perfect for various tools, Jewelry Packaging Box has everything you need to pack up and head out.

Versatile Options

While in some cases you might be looking for a single tray to display a small selection of your best items, you may have to pack your entire shop and bring it with you in some occasions. Whatever your needs, we have many different sizes and styles available, including:

Protection and Durability

Our salesman cases come in a number of different materials, including aluminum, plastic, suede, glass top, and acrylic top to ensure that your jewelry is protected during transport. Choose from hard cases, soft cases, and portfolio cases.

At Jewelry Packaging Box, we also have cases that can contain a variety of items in the same box, including all of your necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Other specialized cases are meant to hold only rings or bracelets, like our glass top ring display cases.

Explore our collection of jewelry salesman cases and order the one that’s best for you.