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Leatherette Single Door Boxes

Leatherette is a classic box material that lends an air of sophistication to any jewelry box and provides more protection than a simple cardboard box. Jewelry Packaging Box offers an array of leatherette box options, so you can encase all of your pieces in a durable box with timeless packaging.

Our Leatherette Boxes

We offer several leatherette boxes with single door options, allowing for easy access while maintaining a secure, snug closure. Some of our top selling leatherette options include:

  • Watch Boxes
  • Bangle Boxes
  • Earring Boxes
  • Cufflink Boxes
  • Bracelet Boxes
  • Ring and Double Ring Boxes
  • Pendant and Necklace Boxes

All of our leatherette boxes come complete with packer inserts, so your jewelry is cushioned and safe from scratches. With classic color options like white, black, and red, you can customize your display to fit your brand.

In addition to the protection offered by a rigid box, some of our containers—like the leatherette earring boxes—also come with soft velvet inserts in blue, black, or white. Ensure that your jewelry doesn’t suffer in case of mishandling during shipping and storage.

Care and Maintenance

Leatherette is much sturdier than leather, but it has the same versatility and elegance. Caring for leatherette is also easy—wipe your boxes with a damp, soapy cloth and re-apply a sealant every month to protect against UV rays and dust.