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Plain Pads

Velvet Jewelry Display Pads

If you’re looking for the simplest, purest way to display your jewelry, a black velvet jewelry display pad is the perfect way to let your jewelry speak for itself. At Jewelry Packaging Box, we offer a number of different pads to ensure you have a display for every jewelry style and size.

Monochrome Designs

The flat monochrome backdrop of each pad is fantastic for bringing attention to the jewelry first, ensuring a neutral background that lets precious metals and colorful gems shine in contrast to the matte material. Silver, gold, diamonds, and gemstones look right at home on one of our jewelry display pads.

Types of Pads

Our pads are available in two colors and three styles. Choose between black and white pads that feature single squares, large rectangles, and single circles. The single pads effectively hold one item, while a large pad can hold one large piece or several small pieces.

While these pads can stand alone to display your jewelry, they also fit into various cases and boxes as inserts. If you want to ensure a completely creative display, these pads will give you the flexibility you need to make something truly unique.

For more information on our velvet jewelry display pads, please call Jewelry Packaging Box at (323) 225-0342 for sizing, material, and wholesale ordering options.