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Gem Stone Displays

An assorted display is an excellent way to showcase the full variety of your gemstone selection to customers. Jewelry Packaging Box offers many gorgeous gem display stands, and helps you maintain the overall style of your display. Discover our loose gemstone displays today.

Solo or Multiple Displays

Our gem display jars and trays are perfectly tailored to accentuate the beauty of even the smallest gemstone. Our versatile collection includes:

  • Acrylic Stone Displays
  • Acrylic Gem boxes
  • Gem Jar Trays
  • Glass Gem Boxes

Some of these displays, such as the glass gem boxes or the acrylic gem boxes, are great for displaying one or two gems in a fashionably designed case. Others, like the acrylic stone displays and gem jar trays, specialize at showcasing large quantities of gems.

The gem jar trays stand out, as each jar can hold one or two gems for viewing in a set arrangement. Each jar can be taken out and individually inspected by a potential customer. Every display from Jewelry Packaging Box is geared towards letting your customers view exactly what you have to offer.


Our gem trays and displays come in several colors, materials, and shapes. Choose from white or black displays, foam or plastic materials, and circular or square boxes.

Jewelry Packaging Box wants to ensure your products receive the best showcase possible. Browse our quality gem display stands now.

For more information on our Gemstone Displays, please call us at (323) 225-0342 or contact us here.