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Economy Neck Forms

A neck form display is a superb choice for displaying neck jewelry, from collars and chokers to princess and opera styles. The display options come in different sizes, shapes, and colors to ensure they match your jewelry collection.

The sturdiness and quality of these luxury displays means you’ll never have to worry about your jewelry displays again. Explore our wide range of sizes, styles, and configurations.

Diverse Selection

Populating this exclusive Jewelry Packaging Box collection are varying styles of busts. Heights range from several different dimensions, ensuring the bust you choose is the perfect length to display your necklaces. These busts also come in lowered or raised configurations.

Punctuating the selection is an exceptionally easy to use fold-out display, as well as a mannequin-style, upright bust. The stands are covered with velvet or leatherette—both textures convey their innate quality as well as the quality of the item they’re displaying.

Multiple Styles

These neck form displays come in two colors: a rich ebony shade and a searing white hue. Both are exceptional at complementing any style of neck jewelry. The black display creates a shadowy backdrop for the bright sheen of diamonds, platinum, and silver, while the white display excels at creating a featureless backdrop to accentuate the bold colors of precious gemstones.

Jewelry Packaging Box invites you to add these necklace display busts to your collection and display your neck jewelry in style. For more information on our Economy Neck Forms, please call us at (323) 225-0342 or contact us here.