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Stackable Trays

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Jewelry Packaging Box is proud to offer a wide selection of stackable jewelry display trays for rings, earrings, and watches, among other various types of jewelry. These stacking displays are an efficient way display your jewelry, whether you need to transport it or store seasonal pieces for a later date.

Removable Inserts

With innovative design and efficiency in mind, each of these trays feature individual slots that can be removed and replaced depending on the number and style of pieces you’re displaying. If you want to display all of your items close together, leave the inserts in and place your jewelry as usual. If you have a very specific organizational structure in mind, you have the option to remove the inserts and swap them out for other compatible slots.

Display necklace, earring, and ring sets in the same box or group together relevant pieces without having to remove the jewelry. Just slip out the insert and rearrange!

Jewelry Types

Our stackable trays are available for earrings, rings, watches, bracelets, and pendants. Choose from a variety of styles for your stackable earring trays, pendant trays, or stackable ring trays, along with our selection of trays for bracelets and watches.

At Jewelry Packaging Box, our stackable jewelry display trays are great for enhancing any exhibit, so choose your favorites today and show off your jewelry in style.