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Deluxe Light Up Boxes

At Jewelry Packaging Box, functionality blends seamlessly with style in our deluxe light-up LED ring boxes. Storing your rings, necklaces, and pendants in any one of these luxury LED jewelry boxes ensures a beautiful and secure display due to their sturdiness and quality. Explore a variety of different box sizes, shapes, and styles with Jewelry Packaging Box today.

Our LED Light-Up Boxes

All of our LED ring and necklace boxes are made in a single-door clamshell fashion. This classic design is compact and streamlined, putting greater emphasis on the beauty of the item within. Our selection includes:

  • LED Ring Boxes
  • LED Pendant Boxes
  • LED Necklace Boxes

Each box, with the exception of the pendant box, comes with a two-piece packer, designed to ensure that the ring is secure and protected during travel, shipping, and display. Choose from our collection of sleek brown or muted black boxes.

Gleaming LEDs

These light-up ring boxes are adorned with LEDs to illuminate your jewelry and create a stunning display, even when a piece is showcased on its own. Some boxes have more than one light to highlight your piece from all angles.

Light glances off of gemstones and precious metals, creating an elegant container for your best jewelry. Choose our LED boxes to draw in potential customers and accentuate your jewelry.

For more information on our Deluxe Light-Up Boxes, please call us at (323) 225-0342.