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Customers may prefer to view jewelry on a display that gives them an idea of what a piece will look like on themselves. Many sellers take action on this idea by utilizing statue displays shaped like hands, feet, and busts to showcase their most extravagant pieces.

Jewelry Packaging Box offers a selection of artistic, well-crafted bust and hand displays for jewelry, to sate any retailer’s needs. Our collection features a wide variety of statues to choose from—each with a distinct use and motif.

Hand Displays

Although our jewelry hand displays are designed primarily for rings, they are generally molded from the wrist up. You can choose between a frosted white texture or a flocked black texture for your statue, depending on which would display your jewelry best. With touching thumb and index fingers, these statues can effectively display rings of all sizes from any angle.

In addition to our smaller ring displays, we carry tall black resin hand statues that are ideal for necklaces. They give a playful demonstration of what the jewelry looks like in a more natural setting.

Quality Busts

Our selection of bust displays feature two styles of stands: a full upper body bust, complete with a head, and an exclusive neck-to-chest display that shifts the focus to the necklace. Both displays are molded with realistic features that follow the lines of the neck, collarbone, and the sternum for a genuine showcase style.

For more information on our jewelry bust displays, contact Jewelry Packaging Box at (323) 225-0342.