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Plastic Tray Liners

Selling jewelry often demands that you utilize space as efficiently as possible. To solve storage and display space issues easily, Jewelry Packaging Box offers versatile plastic jewelry tray liners that excel at efficiently displaying or storing your best gems and small jewelry.

Prioritize your display area with convenient jewelry tray liners from Jewelry Packaging Box.

Tray Styles

Our tray liners are fantastic for any jewelry business looking for a sleek and pragmatic way to house smaller jewelry items, loose gemstones, and miscellaneous trinkets. We carry several different types of trays to help you choose the one best suited for your collection.

Line your storage or display boxes with one of our liners and choose from a selection that includes trays with 1-32 stackable slots. We also have deep or shallow trays, so you can store larger products or place even the largest collection of loose gemstones in the same slot.

Tray Colors

Our tray inserts are available in white or black. The white tray inserts are comprised of slick plastic, while the black versions are made of flocked velvet. All of these trays are vacuum-formed for precision shapes and durable storage.

Shop the jewelry tray liners at Jewelry Packaging Box today and discover the convenience of stackable liners!