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Store Supplies

Jewelry Store Equipment & Supplies

Every good storefront needs the right tools to keep things operating smoothly. A powerful display can help sell items, but a successful business needs resources to get things done behind the scenes. Mending jewelry, detecting counterfeit bills, and calculating sales all require specialized tools and supplies.

Get the jewelry store equipment and wholesale supplies you need with Jewelry Packaging Box and discover how to efficiently maintain, repair, and clean your store.

Wholesale Jewelry Store Supplies

Whether you’re trying to organize your jewelry in storage, ensure it’s properly displayed in the cases, or repair it during closing hours, Jewelry Packaging Box has all the accessories you’re looking for.

For jewelry displays, we carry U-pins, elastic barbs, chain hangers, metal wire, suction cups, velvet snaps, and electronic calipers. If you need a better way to advertise your repair services, we have counter signs, Sharpie pens, and velcro dots. For retailers who need extensive repair supplies, we also carry a large supply of epoxy, crazy glue, cotton gloves, and anti-tarnish tissues.

At Jewelry Packaging Box, we even carry counterfeit money detectors to ensure that everything from the repair portion of your business to the sales side of your business is operating smoothly.

For more information on our jewelry store equipment or any of our other products, contact us at (323) 225-0342.