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Watch Displays

Buying a watch is an exciting process when the customer can immediately get an idea of what a watch looks like from several angles. Whether it's wrapped around a utility pillow, snugly fit onto a single watch stand, or cozied up inside a 12-slot display tray, Jewelry Packaging Box guarantees an eye-catching perch for your best merchandise.

Types of Displays

At Jewelry Packaging Box, we ensure that the variety in each of our collections is stunning, with many display styles offered. We carry:

  • 12 Slot-Watch Display Trays
  • Single Watch Stands
  • Utility Pillows

The upright single watch stand is available in several different styles, each made of a different material. Choose a watch stand accented by acrylic, velvet, or leatherette, featuring black, white, or clear colors. The utility pillows sport the same luxurious velvet and leatherette covering, while the 12-slot display tray comes exclusively in velvet.

Let Your Watches Shine

Your best watches can now let their beautiful bezels and dials sparkle with an eye-catching display. Whether you’re a watch retailer or you carry a select few timepieces, we have quality displays to meet your needs.

Jewelry Packaging Box cares about your products and ensures complete customer satisfaction with every sale. If you have any questions about our Watch Displays, call our friendly customer service at (323) 225-0342.