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Jewelry Packaging Box is happy to ensure your display looks elegant and sophisticated, so we’ve assembled a selection of elegant wooden jewelry display stands that are suited for all styles of jewelry.

Whether you run a boutique jewelry store, work at a large retailer, or you’re a frequent vendor at craft fairs, white leatherette and rosewood details can enhance your display immediately.

Drape sophisticated platinum and diamonds, delicate gold and colored gemstones, or rustic wire and uncut stones on any of these displays for a unique style that’s specifically your own.

Display Styles

We have display stands that are appropriate for necklaces, earrings, and rings. Choose from upright busts that are great for long necklaces, horizontal forms that are ideal for displaying chokers, or two-in-one ring and earring displays that are perfect for full sets.

Our necklace displays are available in several different heights for a variety of necklace lengths, while our ring and earring displays work best with studs or small hoops.

Each of our wooden jewelry display stands features white leatherette material that’s trimmed in a deep, rich rosewood. These durable materials stay shining and clean with little maintenance. Wash them monthly with a damp, soapy washcloth to clean away dust and other contaminants.

For more information on our wooden necklace display stands, please call Jewelry Packaging Box at (323) 225-0342 or contact us today.