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Watch Batteries

Wholesale Watch Batteries

Jewelry Packaging Box offers wholesale watch batteries for functioning watch displays, simple watch repairs, or for those who want to purchase a backup battery for their watch. Explore our options online to find the right battery for your watches.

How They Work

Watch batteries, also known as “coin” or “button” cells, utilize zinc powder and a series of separators to extract an astounding amount of energy. Ideal for many styles of watches, you can find high-quality batteries at Jewelry Packaging Box today.

Wholesale Renata Watch Batteries

Many of our batteries are manufactured by Renata, a subsidiary of the world-renown Swatch Group of Biel, Switzerland. Renata is dedicated to providing long-lasting batteries that are manufactured in the safest way possible. Choose from a variety of VS, TS, or CR options to ensure your watches have the best batteries.

Jewelry Packaging Box also carries the ultimate battery kit that includes 225 assorted batteries, a 60 drawer display, two watch case openers, a small Philips and flathead screwdriver, battery size selector and plastic tweezers, cross reference guides, battery change instructions, and testers, as well as a number of other accessories, instructional videos, and cleaners.

For more information on our wholesale watch batteries or any of our other products, contact us at (323) 225-0342.