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Counter Top Displays

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Sometimes a large, animated display can draw in customers more efficiently than subtle boxes with quality leather exteriors. Jewelry Packaging Box provides four distinct countertop jewelry display cases, sold wholesale, to ensure that your jewelry is attractively displayed.

Acrylic Countertop Jewelry Display Case

Sporting a dense, 3mm, heavy duty acrylic exterior, durability is key with this display. Three fixed shelves are secured with a lock and key system to ensure safety.

Acrylic Electric Spinner with Lights

Similar to the acrylic countertop case, the acrylic electric spinner has a built-in rotation device and two LED lights to illuminate the interior. It also features four rotating shelves and requires 110 volts to operate. Your valuables are safe for public showcase in this exclusive display and they’re accentuated with proper lighting.

Earring Spinner

With four sides, each containing eight racks, this spinning countertop jewelry display case can hold large collections of earrings to showcase all of your designs. Made with plastic for durability, this display requires some assembly.

Eye Glass Spinner

Our eye glass countertop display can store up to 36 pairs of glasses and requires some assembly.

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At Jewelry Packaging Box, our countertop jewelry display cases are sold wholesale. For more information on our Counter Top Displays, please call us at (323) 225-0342 or contact us here.