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Pearl Folders

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Pearls have long been one of the most valued jewelry materials around the world, and are praised for their naturally soft sheen and delicate coloring. Whether you are working with natural pearls, cultured pearls, or imitation pearls, you want to protect and care for your pearls to prevent scratches or cracks.

Pearl folders from Jewelry Packaging Box are the perfect way to package your pearls and keep them safe, as well as an elegant way to present your jewelry to customers. We offer sturdy pearl necklace folders for display, storage, and shipping.

Folder Specifications

Our necklace folders can fit small, delicate necklaces, pearls, and small gemstones.

  • Size: 6” x 8 ½”
  • Color: Black Exterior and White Interior
  • Material: Leatherette Exterior and Satin Interior

The pearl folder has four flaps that fold behind or in front of the center display section. The satin interior is separate from the leatherette exterior and slides into the black leatherette envelope easily for transport.

Protect Your Pearls

Satin, velvet, and cotton are among the most protective materials used for jewelry packaging and storage. These soft materials have been found to shield and insulate metal and gemstones from scratches, rust, and oxidation.

To keep your satin and leatherette folders clean, you can wipe with a damp, soapy wash cloth on a weekly basis. For the leatherette folders, a sealant should also be re-applied on a monthly basis to ensure that harmful UV light and dust don’t cause it to fade.