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Repair Envelopes

Repair Envelopes

While Jewelry Packaging Box offers a number of display, packaging, and shipping supplies to ensure your store runs smoothly, for those retailers that also offer their customers jewelry repair, we offer a selection of repair supplies.

Ensure your jewelry repair services run efficiently with jewelry repair envelopes from Jewelry Packaging Box. Available in several sizes and colors, we make it easy to categorize and organize jewelry that needs to be repaired.

Repair Envelopes

While we have blank jewelry repair envelopes available at wholesale prices, for retailers dealing with a large influx of repair demands, we also carry easy-to-use labeled envelopes. These envelopes are sequentially numbered and include a space for the customer name, item description, layaway description, and repair request to ensure that you can organize any number of repairs quickly.

You’ll also find that we offer several colors of repair envelopes to help you better separate and categorize your orders. Keep blue envelopes on hand for necklace repairs, white envelopes for ring repairs, and yellow envelopes for bracelet repairs—you’ll have an easy time identifying and fixing various pieces.

Wholesale Orders

You can order the envelopes you need in packs of 100 or 500, depending on your repair inventory and demand. For more information on our jewelry repair envelopes or any of our other products, contact Jewelry Packaging Box at (323) 225-0342.