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Bracelet And Chain Displays

Bracelet & Chain Display Stands

A proper jewelry display balances utility with presentation for optimal appeal. Jewelry Packaging Box invites you to discover our bracelet display stands that masterfully blend form and function for an elegant store window display customers can’t help but stop and admire.

Versatile Display Options

Gold, silver, platinum, and even gemstones dazzle the eye when stored within these sleek displays. The contrast of your shimmering products on a flat-color backdrop will catch the eye of shoppers and compel them to visit your store. Make a selection from our black velvet or white leatherette displays that’s perfect for your collection and impress your customers today.

Bracelet Display Selection

At Jewelry Packaging Box, our variety of bracelet display stands feature a display appropriate for every aesthetic sensibility. Choose from packer-filled bangle boxes, curved bracelet displays, hooked pads, and slotted trays, which are all perfect for showcasing large amounts of jewelry.

One of our most popular stands is an upright tubular bracelet display bar designed to hold several bracelets or bangles simultaneously. This display can make smaller pieces of jewelry more accessible and prominent to casual shoppers as well.

Necklace Display Selection

We also have large chain display stands, trays, and pads that can showcase any number of neck jewelry easily. If you have a special piece you’d like to accentuate in your store, opt for one of our necklace display ramps that can be used to accentuate a single item instead.

For more information on our line of bracelet display and chain display stands, contact Jewelry Packaging Box at (323) 225-0342 today.